Frankfurt : Interesting comparison of two towers next to each other

Another old structure in Frankfurt that survived WWII. It basically describes how different objects are arranged next to each other for added effect, especially when they contrast. It isn’t necessarily “arranged next to each other”… Juxtaposition means when two things that are utterly different are observed as such. Like, you see a group of nuns walking through the Red Light District or something… or if a solo pianist opened for a death metal band at a concert.

frankfurt tower
The amazing thing about Frankfurt is that it only has 700.000 inhabitants, but during the day 2-3 million people are in the city, working, shopping, travelling through.

China VS Germany

Pablo Escobar: Things You Didn’t Know About Drug Lord

During his heyday, Pablo Escobar spent $2,500 per month on rubber bands for bricks of cash.

At the height of its power, the Medellin drug cartel was smuggling 15 tonnes of cocaine per day, worth more than half a million dollars, just to the United States. Escobar became one of the wealthiest men in the world.​

Having more illegal money than he could deposit in banks, he stored bricks of cash in the warehouse where 10% (roughly $500 million, which he called “spoilage”) of it was lost because rats would eat it or it would be damaged by water.

The Drug lord, made a Bonfire with $2 million in cash to prevent his daughter from dying of cold.

Pablo Escobar had the image of a Robin Hood among the poor people. He spent millions on parks, schools, football stadiums, hospitals and churches in western Columbia. He even distributed money to the poor through housing projects and other civic activities

Escobar was also suspected in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. He was however offended by this and sent a note to the U.S. Ambassador to Columbia stating that if he had done it he would have declared why he did it and what he wanted.

Drug deal gone wrong – Man report stolen marijuana

This is Why The Simpsons Characters Are Yellow

Are you sure The Simpsons are colored yellow to camouflage central cyanosis from all choking and violence…not to mention the nuclear plant. Oh, I forgot they are not real.

The choice of color for the Simpsons characters was very strategic, actually. As soon as Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons, was given a drawing of the characters in yellow by an animator, he knew it was perfect.

The idea was that whenever someone was flipping through the channels, they would automatically know The Simpsons was on when they saw the yellow bodies flash by. Speaking of characters, all of them are a digit short of a full, human-like hand. Actually, the only character to ever have five fingers on a hand was God.

Another reason why we love The Simpsons

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